700 - 2500 kVA

700 - 2360 kVA

At the heart of the 700 – 2360 kVA JCB generator range is the fuel efficient Cummins engine range, providing a reliable power solution
The Cummins engine provides outstanding performance levels and when packaged with a range of high quality components, this range offers reliability and versatility for Standby, Prime and continuous power applications.

730 - 2500 kVA

When productivity is key, the Mitsubishi engine provides high efficiency and stability to support all your power requirements.
When you need a generator you can depend on, this heavy duty range offers a versatile power solution to suit all power requirements. The Mitsubishi engines deliver quick response times and efficient operation, presenting a reliable power solution for critical applications.

800 - 2500 kVA

The Perkins 800 – 2500 kVA range provides a reliable and heavy duty engine range suitable for a variety of applications across 50Hz territories. Whether you require prime or critical back-up power, this JCB generator range delivers an efficient and reliable solution.
We understand the need to supply a power solution for a variety of different requirements, which is why this range of generators is a great choice. These engines offer outstanding load acceptance and improved emissions to fit a variety of power requirements, even the most extreme environments.

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